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Games, instructional movies, tutorials and worksheets.

Why Math Games?
Math games are an essential part of learning math for all students. Online math games make it easy to differentiate instruction for student preferences and mathematics levels.

Math Games Sites
As a math teacher I noticed there were two kinds of math games sites. Some were academic but my math students found boring, and other math games sites that students enjoyed but those math games sites also contained games that lacked any math :(.

My Math Games Mission
I decided it was time to get involved and create a math games site that solved this mathematics games dilemma. Every game on HoodaMath.com is personally screened by me, a public school mathematics teacher. I grew up on Number Munchers, a math game created 25 years ago. So the first thing I did was to replicate it so that students could play that math game for free online. You can find the Number Eaters multiplication game and similar math games in the Arithmetic Games section of HoodaMath.com. There are also a lot of Logic Games available on the web, I gathered a collection of these and created some math games of our own. Geometry can be a hard subject to make fun and real using a computer, but I discovered there is a lot of geometry games already created and dispursed on the web.

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