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Resource Sumdog - cool free math games for home and school
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Sumdog’s math games are free to use either in school or at home. They cover 100 topics over 10 different levels, and let you play against others around the world.

Sumdog’s free maths games are designed to improve numeracy, especially between ages 9 and 13.

Each Sumdog game covers 100 numeracy topics, split into 10 levels. You can concentrate on a single topic, or work on a mixture of topics across a whole level. After each game, Sumdog recommends the level to try next, based on your results so far.

Sumdog’s unique graffiti wall shows your individual progress. As you become more proficient, Sumdog gradually paints over the topic on the graffiti wall until it is clean. When all topics in a level are clean, the level is complete.

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